Skype on iPhone gets video chat

As of December 29, 2010, Skype’s official app on the iPhone for iOS 4 includes video chat over both wifi and 3G networks. This is a free update for all those who have this app which is pretty sweet since this would turn up the heat Apple’s own FaceTime for iOS 4.

This update lets you to video conference not just on wifi, but also on 3G network. It allows you to make video calls to any video conference capable device like PCs, laptops, and other iPhones, which is very convenient since Skype is one of the predominant free-to-use voice and video chat services that is around right now.

The only thing is with iPod Touch that is 3G and older and the iPad, you will only be able to receive video since those lack front-facing cameras. Although Skype is not the first service to have the video conference feature over 3G, it is an added bonus that they have added this nice touch to it. Now if only Skype could pull off universal compatibility with the Android OS, or at least with 2.1 and higher since it doesn’t work at all on my brand new Samsung Galaxy S.

(via IGN)

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