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Episode 61

This week we talk about phone pricing and the shuttering of Windows 10 Mobile

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Pokemon Go Is Live!

Pokemon Go is available in the US, New Zealand and Australia for iOS and Android devices. Rollout to outher countries should be soon!

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Pokemon Go Announcement

Pokémon Go was announced as an Android and iOS game. Developed by Nintendo and Niantic, the game allows players to explore the real world tocatch virtual Pokémon.  Continue reading

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Youtube Tuesday: Physical Touchscreen Buttons

At CES this year, Tactus demonstrated the first tactile touchscreen implemented on a standard android tablet. They use a technology called “micro-fluidics” to raise and lower the buttons. Not necessarily game changing as it only offers a preset tactile keyboard but is still really cool nonetheless. Here is an older video from Tactus describing this technology. No hardware partners announced but they expect to ship the first tactile touchscreen phone later this year.

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New TWEWY Game Headed To iOS

Well all that hinting and secrecy on a new TWEWY game, Square-Enix ruined the surprise on their own!

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SmartGlass links your Xbox 360 to your smart device

All you non-WP7 users don’t need to worry about missing out! Continue reading

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iOS 5.1.1 is live

20120512-115942.jpg if you own an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, iOS 5.1.1 update is available to download now!

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Broken Fuse VG Podcast: Episode 32 – 2012 Expectations

In this episode, Harley and Eugene from Infendo join me in discussing what we expect to see in 2012 in regards to gaming and hardware!

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Broken Fuse VG Blog 2011 GOTY Shortlist

So it’s that time of year where we start whittling our Game Of The Year and ‘Best of’ choices down, or at least we try to. We’ve compiled a shortlist of games after the break, and if you think we missed an amazing game that should be on here, please feel free to leave the name of the game and a category that it would be suitable for! Continue reading

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Dead Space Lands on iOS But Not PSP Or DS

Dead Space makes its way to the iPhone and iPad this week, but the surprising thing is that it will not be available for the DS or the PSP. Continue reading

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