New Intel CPU Prices

Went to my local parts store today to see if they had the new Sandy Bridge processors for sale. They had the boxes up but no product just yet. Kind of disappointing but it was to be expected. For the most part, they were taking pre-orders. There were a lot of people eyeing the new cpu (boxes) and quite a few that actually ordered.

I felt that the prices were a bit high. The i7 2600k was selling for $369.99 and the i5 2400k was selling for $249.99. There have been places in the U.S. that are selling at the same price but with in-store rebates of $70-$90 (check out microcenter). Given our strong Canadian Dollar, I feel that better prices are to come. Then again, if demand is extremely high (think iphone 4), we might be in for some price gouging.

Official on the street date is only a few days away on January 9th.

Update (Jan. 6, 2011): Shortly after information about SB prices spread, Intel asked vendors to take down all pricing data from their websites. My price-gouge senses are tingling.

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