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E3 – Smash Bros Update

amiibo_img03_e3_formediadistro-featureE3 is well under way and as usual, our attention is laser-focused on the Smash Bros. series. With upcoming releases on both the Wii U (end of summer) and 3DS (end of fall? – we suspect end of year), Super Smash Bros. will most likely be the biggest release for Nintendo this year.

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Xbox One “Update”


No surprise here. Don Mattrick, President, Interactive Entertainment Business has confirmed what many suspected shortly after the PS4 presentation at E3 this year. Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Announced – Canadian Release in Q2

Following the massive success of the S3, Samsung recently announced the S4 which will be its next flagship smartphone Continue reading

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Youtube Tuesday: Physical Touchscreen Buttons

At CES this year, Tactus demonstrated the first tactile touchscreen implemented on a standard android tablet. They use a technology called “micro-fluidics” to raise and lower the buttons. Not necessarily game changing as it only offers a preset tactile keyboard but is still really cool nonetheless. Here is an older video from Tactus describing this technology. No hardware partners announced but they expect to ship the first tactile touchscreen phone later this year.

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Halfbrick Games Free!


For a limited time (like 24 hours only), download your favourite halfbrick games for free! Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyride, and more! To the app store!

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Nexus 4 and Nexus 10

Cannot wait for these to be released. The Nexus 4 is a pentaband phone with 4.2 Jelly Bean and wireless charging. The Nexus 10 also runs 4.2 and has the highest pixel density of any tablet available right now. Anyone shopping for a smartphone or tablet definitely have some tough decisions to make.

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Kobo Arc – A Kindle Alternative

The Kindle Fire HD looks really awesome. Sadly, it and the services that Amazon offers are not available in Canada. This is where the Kobo Arc comes in. Weighing in at 7 inches with Android ICS (upgradeable to Jelly Bean soon after release), the Arc is sure to make an impact on the Canadian ebook/tablet market.

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Youtube Tuesday: Leap Motion

Coming February 2013. Pre-order now!

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Steam Summer Sale!

It’s that time of year again! The annual Steam Summer Sale has begun. Awesome games at ridiculous prices. Pro tip: Unless the game is a daily deal, it will probably sell for a lower price closer the last day of the sale.

Check it out here.

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Google Nexus 7

Woot woot! Looks like the Nexus tablet is available for order. This is probably the best tablet for the money available right now. The 8gb is priced at $209 and comes with a $25 credit for Google Play. It runs Jelly Bean (4.1), uses a 7 inch IPS display, and is quad core! Best of all, it has a battery life rated at 8 hours with active use. Asus is the maker of this tablet and it is rumoured that a 10 inch model will come out later this year. Let the tablet wars begin!


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