Super Street Fighter 3DS features online versus

The new Super Street Fighter IV for the 3DS will be online capable for versus mode, like the other versions of this game. With the stance that Nintendo takes on online gaming, which is non-existent, I’m hoping that Capcom will have their own servers for online playSince Nintendo’s online servers aren’t exactly up to par, it’s left up to third party companies to do so. Since Capcom is one of the bigger companies out there and should be able to support such services. There is an online versus mode where you can play against friends or strangers.

There’s also an online co-op arcade mode where you can play with a friend or a stranger to complete challenges together. But if you want to do it offline, you can also do so with a friend that is beside you. With what we’re hearing, it looks like SSFIV 3DS is shaping up to be an awesome game.

(via Slash Gear)

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