3D makes people blink… ALOT!

Seems like everything is being made with 3D technology now. It’s like the HD of a few years back. Along with these new trends are those eager few who want to redefine the way we view 3D. Right now, most people associate 3D with glasses (you know, the ones that give you headaches). Nintendo has done away with the glasses in favour of a camera that tracks eye movement for the 3DS. Although this may seem cool, Mr. Francois here has found an even cooler way to watch 3D.

Through rapid blinking of the eye, he supposedly creates the 3D experience without glasses. I must say that the rapid blinking is a rather scary sight but if this actually catches on, it would be pretty hilarious to see families blinking rapidly in unison as they watch their nightly news….in 3D of course.

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