Viz acquires the rights to hit fight Manga Tenjho Tenge from CMX

Oh! Great, its back, and I couldn't be Happier.

Sexy Sisters Aya (left) and Maya (right)

Viz, in what could be one of the best examples of bringing something “out of the dark and back into the light”, acquires the licensing rights to the Tenjo Tenge manga. This, to me and fans of the mature series, is a huge acquisition, after CMX dropped the licensing rights to the Tenjo Tenge Manga (amid the controversy stirred up by CMX for “heavily editing” the manga to the point of fan protest(s) leading to a boycott of the series) add to that the fact that Viz plans to release the series completely unedited, in the purest form possible, and you’ve got to admit. Seems like they plan to do a great service to Oh! Great, looks like a knockout to us Viz.

Furthermore they plan to release volumes, starting from volume 1 in June 2011, in a 2 volumes in 1 format, with colour pages, and the original volume cover art inserted in the volume, on a bi-monthly basis. While for those who were reading the CMX version(that cut off at Vol. 18, of 22 in the series) releasing the volumes in this way may put a damper on enthusiasts, who now have to wait awhile for the series to catch up again story wise, hopefully the wait will be worth the while. Noting that, having the series back in any form is great news in itself. For more information check out wiki and Japanator

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