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Snake Eater Extended Cut(Intro and Vocals)

A great extended version plus the transition for one of the best songs I’ve heard in gaming history.

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Nintendo eShop Game of the Weekend Colors! 3D

Colors! 3D logo

Powerful painting app for the 3DS on sale this weekend for $3.99

This weekend’s feature game is Colors! 3D, a powerful painting app for the 3DS on sale for $3.99. The sale was from Friday July 27 at 9am Pacific time (Noon EST) to Sunday (today) 9pm Pacific time (Midnight EST). For more information on the software check out Colors! 3D info. For more on the sales for Game of the Weekend information check it out here

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The Legend of Korra: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

A fan made video based on events up to episode 2 in the new series. A great way to get into episodes before they come out. Season 1 is done in the United States, and episode 4 is coming this Saturday at 11am on YTV (for Canadian viewers out there).

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Nintendo’s Game of the Weekend: Mighty Switch Force! $2.99 until Sunday Evening!

You gotta apprehend these hoodlums ASAP!

You can download Mighty Switch Force! on the Nintendo eShop for $2.99 from 9am Pacific time Friday July 13- 9pm Pacific time Sunday July 15. If you’ve been holding out on buying Mighty Switch Force!, now’s the time to buy it, its half price through the weekend. If you own a 3DS, get onto the Nintendo eShop and check out offer with enhanced details in 3D.
Now time to buy a Nintendo 3DS eShop card. For more information you can check (click) for previous and current Game of the Weekend  and for more information on Mighty Switch Force!


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Youtube Tuesday: Fire Emblem Skills Extreme- Mia VS Lucia!

I think the video pretty much speaks for itself, showing off what characters can do with multiple skills stacked onto a character, and how epic Fire Emblem can/could be if the player were allowed full access to these skills in game.  There are a series of videos created by the same user showing off characters from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn dueling against other characters from the series. Both of which I find it quite entertaining, and rather epic.

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The Legend of Korra Now on Canadian TV!

This comes about a week late but Canadians wait no more your Avatar is here! The Legend of Korra premiered last week at 11am on YTV, but worry not, you can catch the first 3episodes commercial free just head over to YTV.com.

Be sure to catch episode #2 this morning at 11am on YTV. Check your local listings for more details. For those of you who are perhaps more savvy or were currently unaware, you can also watch the episodes online (with possible spoilers) on Nickelodeon.  *Spoiler Waring* Nickelodeon is running the North American premiere run of the series and as such they are currently at episode 10, which premieres this week, followed by episodes 11-12 for next week, the season finale. Also merely clicking the Nickelodeon site will lead to spoilers for those who haven’t seen every episode up to wherever the series’ run on Nickelodeon is at. Click on NICK get spoilers, you have been warned. Now let the shipping war- I mean the action- begin.

Korra and her trusty Polar bear-dog Naga

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How Super Mario Should Have Ended

After generations of consoles, Bowser finally comes up with a plan to defeat Mario.

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Teen Titans Theme Beast Boy Karaoke

The Teen Titans theme song, sung in the spirit of the Japanese version. It’s pretty wacky but fun to sing along to.

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My Thoughts On a Number of 3DS Games and More!

As an early (not super early but before the BIG drop) adopter of the 3DS back in early August, I finally got the system, the pull, was mainly for a number of GBA games I hadn’t had a chance to play (sans emulator) and the NES were a happy bonus.   Continue reading

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The Legend of Korra Awakens Saturday

On March 24th, thanks to fan support, you can watch the first official revealing of the series tomorrow online on Korra Nation. The series is scheduled to air on Nickelodeon April 14th.
Check out Korra Nation and Last Airbender Fans for more information!

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