My Picks For Best 3DS Launch Titles

The 3DS has been on the market for about three weeks now and has got Sony’s Jack Tretton trolling for attention. The experience I’ve been having with the 3DS so far is been pretty awesome so if you haven’t picked one up, get it soon!

Best Use Of 3D Screen: PilotWings Resort
Best 3DS Launch Game:  Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition
Coolest Use Of Augmented Reality: AR Games
Wackiest Use Of 3DS Cameras: Face Raiders
Best Game Sequel Launch Title: Nintendogs + Cats

PilotWings is one of my top pick for 3DS launch titles because it’s a neat and fun title that makes good use of the 3D depth that the top screen is capable of, although I have to set the 3D Slider to about half way or two-thirds power. It makes good use of the circle pad which I think is an awesome addition to the 3DS’s hardware.

My second pick for launch titles is Super Street Fighter IV 3D. The 3D is a great addition to an already awesome game and the over-the-shoulder Dynamic Mode  is in my opinion what really sets this version apart. And not to mention that SSFIV 3D really shows that Nintendo is ready to serve the more mature crowd as well.

The coolest use of the AR functionality on the 3DS has got to be the AR Games that’s included on the system. Playing Archery on it blew my mind away, especially with the extra depth you get with the 3D enabled cameras. And not to mention you can re-enact the scene from Aliens if you put the AR card on a friend’s chest!

Face Raiders is nearly a good enough reason to get the system. Its a blast to play (pun intended) and is ridiculously fun. The general concept is you take pictures of faces and you get to shoot their digitized versions to liberate them. You have to play it to really get a grasp of the game.

My last official pick is Nintendogs + Cats is for best sequel to launch with the 3DS. The 3D helps a bit with the visuals to add a bit  of depth to it and it’s a great way to have a pet without actually having one. I think it’s a neat game that has it’s place, especially with animal lovers.

I know I just said Nintendogs + Cats was my last official pick but I have a few runner ups. Steel Diver, Asphalt 3D and StreetPass Mii Plaza deserve to be mentioned as well. Check those titles out too when you get the chance. If the buzz around the 3DS and also the success of the original DS is any indication, I think the 3DS will have a stellar lifecycle.

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