Wii 2 a.k.a. Project Café is official and will be unveiled at E3 2011

Nintendo has broken the news to us that there is now an official successor to the Wii. As most of us know, it’s better known by its codename of Project Café. It will be playable at this year’s E3 and we’re all expecting big things from Nintendo, especially after having a bombshell of a presentation with the announcements of Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kirby’s Epic Yarn and who could forget the surprise announcement of the return of Pit in Kid Icarus Uprising and the glasses-free 3D device: the 3DS. I’m hoping that they’ll have something in store that’ll blow my mind. Although most of us expect Skyward Sword to be delayed a la Twilight Princess because of Project Café, we’re all hoping that there won’t be a wii-peat of major delays.

(via Kotaku)

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