Pandora’s Tower Continues to Intrigue

The game was first unveiled towards the end of January 2011 with a teaser image, and a few words from the game’s heroine, posted on a Nintendo teaser site. In Early April (the week of April 6th), Nintendo intrigued us further by unveiling a new trailer for what looks to be an action rpg game. Famistu furthered the gain by releasing more information about the game’s story and game play mechanics(which you can view here). Now retailers are confirming that this game can be played via classic controller or by using the standard Wii-Mote Nunchuck combo and the box art for the game  has been released along with some new screen shots of the game in progress. Pandora’s Tower is currently set for release on May 26th in Japan and is being developed by Ganbarion makers of Jump Super Stars on the DS.

Further Information and Updates

Motion controls/classic controls (

Story and Trailer (

More info and related info to Ganbarion-( or ( also has full picture of game’s heroine

Teaser site-

There’s also a new trailer on the Nintendo website for this game

New images and character designs unveiled on Pandora’s Tower Nintendo page

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