Review: Scoshe SolBat II

Recently I picked up the Scoshe SolBat II to charge my handheld devices on the go since I’ve found that the 3DS’s battery life is nowhere nearly enough for longer road trips or for international flights and for those long days where my phone gets heavy usage and I don’t want to carry a laptop around as a cumbersome battery pack.

The Scoshe SolBat II box comes with the SolBat II external Solar/USB powered battery, a carabineer (clip) to hook onto a bag, a clear cradle for your windshield, 4 suction cups and a manual. My first impression of this device is that it’s nice and small. It also has a quick battery check meter which is very convenient and also two LEDs to indicate if electricity is going in or out of the SolBat II, which I find is a nice touch.

The quality of the Scoshe SolBat II is decent. It comes in at a feather light 72 grams and feels plasticy but decently built. I don’t have a problem with clipping this solar battery to the outside of my backpack and I don’t need to worry about it being banged up a bit even though it is made from plastic, it is prone to being scratched up if you tend to be a bit careless with your things. Just make sure it isn’t hitting any clips or buckles on your bag or it will drive you mad! One of the few problems I had was the USB cable does not readily pull out from the SolBat II and required a bit of wiggling out and I hope that Scoshe fixes this problem with the charging cables that come packaged with these USB battery packs. The only thing about it is that it could use a bigger version of this battery, although there’s already a non-solar 2-USB version under the name of Scoshe GoBat II. Head to page two if you’d like to check out my test results on the SolBat II and the rest of my review!

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