Nintendo 3DS eShop & Internet Browser Available!

If you haven’t updated your 3DS firmware, it’s due time to connect it to a wifi hotspot! June 6 had brought us an update to the 3DS firmware, although some of us in North America didn’t get it til past midnight!

This update brought us access to the Internet Browser, SpotPass and the long awaited eShop! Now you can also transfer any DSiWare apps to your 3DS too! And since the eShop is now open for business, it also has a Virtual Console section and two of the games available are Super Mario Land and Link’s Awakening DX, which I recommend getting, even if you still have the original cartridges! Other cool titles on the eShop are the 3D Pokedex where you get a new Pokemon over SpotPass every day and you can send/recieve Pokemon among friends!

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