Wii U Revealed at Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference

As most of us knew, Project Café is Nintendo’s codename for their new system and they revealed on Tuesday at their E3 press conference as the Wii U. The name takes a bit of getting used to even though the name has been compared to sounding like an ambulance siren.

All jokes aside though, the Wii U has a very unique controller. A dual analog controller with a d-pad and face buttons is coupled with a 6.2″ touchscreen will create different gameplay mechanics never before seen. It can also be used as a remote screen if someome wants to use the TV to watch another channel and you can still play. The only thing is that only one of these tablet controllers can be connected to the Wii U to keep hardware costs down.

It has been confirmed that there will be 1080P output out of an HDMI port on the Wii U, which is always welcome. With a 2012 release date pegged for the system (most likely a November/Holiday release), it gives Nintendo a headstart on the competition and hopefully we see more third party support unlike the Wii and the current lackluster 3DS lineup.

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