3DS Experience: 3 Months In

Since I had pre-ordered my 3DS and picked it up on launch day on March 27, Its been a great experience so far and will be a great ride! Finally with the June 6 firmware update, DLC games form the eShop’s Virtual Console and new content like the PokeDex 3D are making the 3DS a more interesting device!

With new titles like StarFox 64 3D and Resident Evil Mercenaries and Revelations coming out later this year, more third party games are starting to fill up shelf space and that is always a good thing. Even though it took a bit of time for games to come in, I think gamers will love what third party developers and publishers are bringing to the table with new content and games! And with the eShop, new DLC that’s coming out later this year like Cave Story 3D, I think there is definitely possibilities of sleeper hits to sneak in on the eShop!

Even though it may seem like a half-step up from the DS, I think this is a big step forward for Nintendo being connected to the internet and to other players more closely with StreetPass and SpotPass. I have had two unique hits that were repeats and probably about 25 more unique users that I’ve only encountered once. Its cool that you can get new puzzle pieces and use those Miis you collected through StreetPass in Find Mii to rescue your Mii. Spotpass is a great addition for adding DLC like how they are doing it with the PokeDex 3D and new Pokemon data. I’m hoping more 3DS apps make more use of these functions. Also the StreetPass battles make for some pretty cool matches! I totally suck at Super Street Fighter 3D Edition and my StreetPass SSFIV team is doing not too bad with a 5-4 record so far!

With the AR Games and Face Raiders, which in a sense are fun games in and of themselves, are a great concept too! I’ve had a blast playing them and also showing other people what these games are about. Using the 3D cameras to use the surroundings as part of the game is an ingenious way to bring gaming to a new level, although I’d recommend to play the at home or at least not in the most public of places or people will look a you a bit weird. The 3D screen never ceases to amaze me and the people I show it to. It is definitely a fun device for all to enjoy!

I’ve definitely enjoyed the first three months of owning a 3DS and it’s a blast to play! I don’t regret paying the $250 and braving the chilly Canadian weather to get some hands on time the day before it officially launched in North America. Even though there was a bit of a crowd there during the launch event, it made it more lively! I’m hoping Nintendo does more of these events in Canada since we don’t get anything like this in the Great White North.  Overall it’s a great device and a fun 3 months so far and we’ll have a great time playing it for years to come!

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  1. If and when the 3ds comes out in red like the picture you’ve shown on the imaged of a 3ds. Then I can have one knowing that my brother won’t bother me for one that looks and that he can have his in red…and ONLY RED…(thus keeping the blue one that I would plan to buy “safe”)

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