Bose QC15 Headset Review

In need of a good headset? Why not check out the Bose QC15 headset!

The Bose QC headset is a solidly built headset that uses the 47 years of engineering that Bose has done since 1964. The headset uses a single AAA battery to power it and lasts approximately 35 hours. There is a green light that will blink when there is approximately 5 hours of battery life left. The headset comes with an airline adapter and a carrying case which protects it when you aren’t using it.

The audio quality of the headset is exceptional. Low end sounds along with higher pitched sounds come in clearly and are true to the original recording. The range of sound that you can hear with the headset is very good and is a joy to listen with. The noise cancelling technology that is built in to the headset is also a welcome feature, especially if you commute or take the plane often. I have used it on several flights and the noise cancelling feature is quite good. Even though you still hear some noise coming through, it cuts down outside noise considerably and lets you enjoy the music or just use the headset just to cut down on noise so you can get some peace and quiet

The physical quality of the headset is pretty good as well. It is very comfortable and isn’t a drag to use for extended usage. It is one of those headsets that fits great and is a real treat to listen to and to have on your ears. The ear cups are nicely padded and are very comfortable.

Overall the Bose QC15 is a great headset if you are in the market for a new headset. It may be a bit bulky but the audio quality is worth the extra weight and space it takes up. The headset retails for $299.99 USD. If you haven’t tried it out before, I’d recommend to check it out!

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