3DS Price Drop $169.99

Nintendo has announced that the 3DS will drop in price to $169.99 soon (although Costco and many smaller retailers have already dropped the price). This is a huge price drop ($80) for a console so new (around half a year old). Apparently, the sales of the 3DS were so bad that they had to drop the price and sell each unit at a loss just to prevent further losses (sounds like the ps3 back in the day). Iwata himself is cutting his salary by 50% and the salaries of executives close to the 3DS project by 20%.

Sounds pretty bad but what is worse will be the Nintendo fans who bought the 3DS earlier (like several of our members and all of our mods/admins) feeling shafted. I, for one, will think twice before buying new products from Nintendo again. Yes, they are offering 20 free games just for people who bought the 3DS early (“ambassadors” are people who buy before the August 12 date) but that seems no where near the $80 “screw you” price drop since most of these games are from the NES and GBA.

They should have offered games that are actually worth playing on the 3DS like SSFIV, OoT, upcoming MK3DS, or upcoming SSMBs. After all, I didn’t by my 3DS to play NES and GBA games. Nintendo, Y U DISAPPOINT?

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    • Holly on August 1, 2011 at 7:43 PM

    We’re talking TWENTY GAMES here! They’ve only actually named a small handful, so Ambassadors could be in for a real treat. Plus, we will receive the NES games earlier than the general public, and there are no plans to release the GBA games to the general public at all! I’m ecstatic!

  1. Definitely a case of the early bird getting the worm! Glad that I picked mines up early!

  2. But if you buy a 3DS right now at costco (already selling at $169.99) and sign up before August 12, you still get the 20 games and you saved yourself $80.

    There is a reason why Iwata is apologizing…everyone knows Nintendo screwed over the early adopters.

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