Nintendo Pre-TGS Conference

Last night, Nintendo kicked off a Pre-TGS Conference to reveal new games and trailers for the 3DS and Wii. Miyamoto was on stage to discuss Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Zelda 25th Anniversary and Zelda: Four Swords, which will be available for all DSi and 3DS owners for free on September 28, 2011.Dragon Quest X, Just Dance Wii, Go Vacation, a new Kirby title, a Namco Bandai Taiko drum game, Skyward Sword and a New PokePark game were all slated for the Wii. The Skyward Sword bundle was given special note as well.

Speaking on the 3DS, a new pink 3DS has been announced so a hardware revamp this early in the game pas been quashed for now. Other 3DS news include a revamped eShop, 3DS video capture and an updated Mii Plaza. There weren’t any dates given but we can expect something from the Big N some time down the road.

Super Mario 3D Land, Mario kart 7, Mario Tennis and Paper Mario were all previewed through trailers at this event. With Mario Kart 7, customizable karts and global multiplayer similar to the style in Mario Kart Wii, I’m really looking forward to this title for sure!

Mario & Sonic at the olympic games and Animal Crossing 3DS were then announced/previewed with note of the games’ WiFi features.

Next up was an odd video with Mii heads superimposed on real life videos of people. Tomodachi Collection is just a little unclear on what kind of game it is, even though it looks kinda creepy with Mii heads running around on real bodies.

A couple other notable titles that were present were Biohazard (Resident Evil) Revelations, a new AR horror game, a brand new Fire Emblem 3DS game with 2D maps and 3D battles, Dynasty Warriors, two Gundam titles and Tekken 3D.

Surprisingly enough there was not one but TWO Monster Hunter games announced for the 3DS. Monster Hunter Tri G and Monster Hunter 4. It looks like Monster Hunter is going to be on Nintendo systems for a while.

I think one of the most intriguing titles of the night was Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, which is an RPG exclusive to the 3DS and uses its AR abilities. I hope they bring this title over so more of us can enjoy it.

I’m hoping that Nintendo can show us a bit more during TGS this week and not disappoint us with software not making it over to North America like with Xenoblade, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower on the Wii.

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