Game Music Monday: Lavender Town and those dang Unown

Ah, Pokemon. I remember when I popped in Red for the first time into my Game Boy Pocket. The fact that I could capture these creatures, battle with them, collect them… it was an amazing thing for my child self. Going to areas that, if thought of in my imagination, very beautiful places.

Then you get to Lavender Town. I was actually quite scared of this place when I was little. While other areas are happy, with nice music, Lavender’s music just is… weird. To me then is was pretty freaky. Now it’s just annoying. But it matches the setting. I mean, a dead Marowak killed by Team Rocket, ghosts, trainers possessed wanting your blood… gotta love when games for kids weren’t numbed down.

Did you know the original Lavender Town music was even more annoying? You have probably heard of those Mosquito ring tones. They emit a sound at a frequency that only kids and teens (and good-hearing adults) can hear. In Japan, their copies of Red and Green had a version (in the video) that gets some pretty high pitches. There are some urban legends that this song made people commit suicide… silly internet.

Mix the town music backwards, add some of that Unown music and the radio signal, voila! Instant creepypasta. If that didn’t make you scared:

Sweet dreams. Thanks trainerderek.

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  1. OMG I totally agree with you about Lavender Town! I never went back after I beat the Elite 4. Good thing there were no gym leaders in that town.

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