Sony’s New PSN ToS asks you to waive your rights, but there are options!

If you’ve noticed in the most recent Terms of Service for the PSN, It’s basically asking you to waive your rights to a class-action lawsuit against Sony and resolve any disputes individually through a process called arbitration (aka out of court).

This is most likely Sony’s response to the PSN security breach in April and the compromise of 75 million PSN accounts. Within days of admitting the PSN breach, there was already a lawsuit on Sony’s lap. Without agreeing to the ToS, you’ve got no acces to PSN or it’s online functionality.

If you want to opt out of this new ToS, you need to act quickly and mail a letter off to Sony Entertainment. For more information Giant Bomb has a template and a bit of an explanation on this. And they do mention that it may not apply worldwide as there may be local laws that protect consumers from this type of BS.

(via Giant Bomb)

[UPDATE] If you live in Canada, you may be covered by your provincial consumer laws that prevent you from signing away your right for a class-action right. That article can be read on the CBC’s website here.

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