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Canadian PlayStation Gamers Get Settlement From 2011 PSN Hack

PSN-DownResidents of Canada with PSN accounts before May 2011 are eligible for a small compensation. Continue reading

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Sony’s New PSN ToS asks you to waive your rights, but there are options!

If you’ve noticed in the most recent Terms of Service for the PSN, It’s basically asking you to waive your rights to a class-action lawsuit against Sony and resolve any disputes individually through a process called arbitration (aka out of court). Continue reading

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Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger are heading to PSN!

Two great Square-Enix classics are heading to the PSN store! Final Fantasy VI and Crono Trigger are great RPGS and its worth taking a look if you haven’t played either one of these games!

(via VG Tribune)

[UPDATE] It seems that Sony has pulled these two PSX Classics off their DLC release schedule.Their official statement is that they were erroneously posted that Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI were headed to PSN. We apologize for the error.

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Broken Fuse Pre-E3 Podcast: Episode 24

We talk about E3 and our predictions for what should come out of it this year for the Big Three. And for once I didn’t procrastinate on getting the recorded live stream up for your listening pleasure! Listen to our pre-E3 podcast after the jump! Continue reading

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PSN Still Down?

Just a few days after Sony announced the return of PSN from the big “hack attack”, PSN is down once again. Continue reading

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Sony conducts investigation, confirms user info and confidentiality compromised

That’s a lot of “cons.”

As most of you are already aware, the Playstation Network (PSN) is still down since it was taken offline on April 20, 2011 one week earlier. Continue reading

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Google Android Phones To Get PSN Store

Android phones running 2.3 Gingerbread and higher are to gain access to the PlayStation Network Store and also the PlayStation Suite, which means Android users will have access to PS1 and PlayStation Quality games, states Sony. Continue reading

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