Review: StarFox 64 3D

Game: StarFox 64 3D
Developer: Nintendo, Q-Games
Publisher: Nintendo
Release Date: North America: September 9, 2011
Europe: September 9, 2011
Australia: September 15, 2011
Japan: July 14, 2011
Number of Players: Campaign: 1 Player, Multiplayer: 1-4
Genre: Flight Sim, Action
Review Platform: 3DS

This review is based on a retail copy of the game.

It’s been 14 years since the original StarFox 64 arrived in store shelves and we were exploring Corneria and rescuing the Lylat system from a delusional mad scientist. Star Fox 64 3D is one of those rare games that has aged very well. The revamped graphics and the addition of 3D is a great asset to the flight sim and action that StarFox 64 is famous for.

The controls for the game are very sleek. You have the choice to use the 3DS or Classic control schemes and it makes use of the gyros. Pulling off maneuvers like barrel rolls and loops are smooth as silk. I have no complaints about any of them, although I prefer using the traditional slide pad so I don’t need to worry about moving out of the 3D sweet spot.

The graphics, much like Ocarina of Time 3D, has been totally revamped, uprezzed and beautifully saturated. It’s one of those classic remakes done right. All the details in the mountains, space debris and ships are visible and is visually pleasing. StarFox 64 3D recaptures how the original game played in our minds without all the flaws that the game had and does so with grace and style.

The Mission Mode in StarFox 64 3D gives you the choice to go to different planets through Alternate Missions, unlike the original, which I find a good thing. The auto-save function that it has after each mission is a great touch and is appreciated, especially if you’re on the go. The gameplay is just as fun as it was when it came out in 1997, and doing barrel rolls and accidentally shooting Slippy never gets old!

The multiplayer on StarFox 64 3D is a blast to play! There are three modes of multiplayer goodness: Survival, Point Battle and Time Battle. You get to see your friends’ reactions during battle and it’s always fun to see how they react to you shooting them down during battles. The only gripe I have with the multiplayer is that StarFox 64 3D only supports local multiplayer and does not have an online mode, which I hope they will correct in future games like Super Smash Bros for the 3DS/Wii U.

Overall it’s a very solid game that I would recommend getting, even if you’ve played the original one fourteen years ago. The $40 pricetag for StarFox 64 3D is well worth it considering the replay value, multiplayer and revamped graphics, visuals and sound. If you’re a fan of flight sims and/or of the StarFox franchise. it’s well worth the admission price!

Graphics/Visuals: 9/10
Sound 9/10
Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Replay Value 9/10

Overall rating: 9/10 

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