New Kid Icarus Trailer!

Anyone excited for it? On a side note, Europe and Japan get the classic Kid Icarus game for free while it is only available as a pre-order bonus here in North America.

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  1. “Tentacles… better do something about that.” This game could well have the best comedic vocal track from a Nintendo game (not to mention the hint of innuendo thrown in). In the Nintendo Power Jan/Feb 2012 issue there’s an in depth preview/discussion for the game with the game’s creator. Basically this game is Sin and Punishment with Monster Hunter 3 customization and Smash Bros. Brawl level of additional content. AR cards, unlockable weapons and weapon upgrades, online battles, local player battles and much more that I don’t wanna spoil. =)

    There’s also a review of Resident Evil Revelations in the Nintendo Power Jan/Feb 2012 issue, and a preview of the year’s upcoming games.

  2. “Better do something about those tentacles.” *

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