Xbox Next Gen Console To Be 6x More Powerful

So it looks like leaked info strikes again! The next gen successor to the Xbox 360 will be six times more powerful and will feature AMD’s 6000 series GPU, supports DirectX 11, multidisplay output, 3D and full 1080P HD output. And it seems it will have a 20% performance edge against the Wii U, which means there should be cross-platform games coming for Nintendo fans. As always, It’s going to come down to innovation and new gameplay mechanics with the provided hardware that will make or break the console. So what do you think about the hardware and how things will play out for the next wave of consoles?

(Source: IGN)

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  1. Indeed it will rely more so on innovation this time around, and it would also suggest that the PS4 will likely want to be around the same specs of these two in order for them to a) keep costs down and b) make sales via crossplatform games and “buying” exclusive bits. Also for all those “bashing” the Wii U, 20% less than what the new Xbox is rumored to be is still about 5x more powerful than what a 360 is now, while putting it well within the realm of what could be (will be) next gen of gaming consoles. Seems like PS2, GC, Xbox again for this gen, only with some possible (slight) role reversal here or there, wonder if Apple will join the fray (not that they need too).

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