Broken Fuse VG Podcast Episode 33

This time Petrija and John join me in discussing internet censorship, Kingdom Hearts, Zelda and tablet controllers.

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  1. Friend of mine is a huge(is an understatement) Mass Effect fan, they make some pretty cool fan art. I think you can play Mass Effect on PC (but I’m not 100% sure). Super Mario 3D Land, Super Street Fighter 4 3D edition, MGS 3D Snake Eater Demo, Swapnote, Soul Calibur 2 (Gamecube), Metroid Fusion (GBA on 3DS), Fire Emblem 8 (GBA 3DS), and Dead or Alive Dimensions, are some the games I’ve been playing in the past week or so.

    Publishers and the massive companies want to make money safely(by that I mean as easily as possible with no resistance). As the internet continues to evolve they’re losing ways of making money from “artist’s/developers” because said artists can now self promote and develop things on their own. Which is why they want to limit the internet so that the only way these artists can survive is through them. =S

    Microsoft in all likelihood will demo their new system at E3, until then we can’t say things for 100% certain. Wii-U will likely launch by/before the end of this year in Japan and early 2013 everywhere else. The price conversions aren’t 100% accurate because region pricing is decided by the company’s HQ in said region. The PS3 was about $600 when it launched, Wii was $250, 360 was about $400*ish.

    Taki is gone, replaced with her “disciple” sadly (according to what I’ve read I haven’t gotten to play this yet). They used that Megaman art on purpose, Ono would like to use that art more often (the fans-in general- prefer the regular Japanese art).

    So far the streaming (from what I’ve heard) lags, and isn’t quite as seamless as it sounds when it comes to games. But for other things it works fairly well. A friend of mine has a Vita, and bought/got Wipeout. They (Sony) went that way with the Vita in an attempt to curb “piracy” also theirs will work a bit faster on their products. Also raises their initial price for games on the system (sadly).

    NFC(on the Wii-U) could work by using items or special cards. They are “considering” a name change so that the consumers “know” there is a marketable difference between the Wii and the Wii-U. They feel that the name 3DS was too similar to the DS that the average consumer thought it was just another DS system with some bells and whistles. There are +20 games in the ambassador program, 10 NES+ 20 GBA+ Zelda Four Swords (til Feb. 20th 2012).

    In reference to Smash Bros. Wii-U (3DS) Ahahaha… bwahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahhaahahaha!!! May Kevin and I show off a bit later. =P (If people are up for it not sure if Kevin wants to dive in on this)
    Lyndis!!!!!!!!!!!(I was up at the crack of dawn to see if she’d be in-as a playable character- when I saw her as an assist trophy part of me died), Midna!!!!, Marina Lightyears(Mischief Makers)!!!!!!, Metaknight (overpowered when pro=tier of his own), Snake is cool, Isa(Sin and Punishment SS) , at least 2-3 Castlevania characters (Shanoa, Alucard, Dracula, Simon Belmont, Death), New+ More Zelda characters, Ike, Hector, Ephraim, Black Knight, Micaiah/Sothe (Fire Emblem). Travis Touchdown(No more Heroes), Make Ganondorf and Cpt. Falcon have different movesets!!! Issac (Golden Sun). Lloyd, Sheena, anyone really (Tales of Symphonia). Megaman! (Makes this Smash Bros. Universes!!!!!) I think that’s a decent start! =) (use this as another stage to promo their “Japan-only” games)

    MGS 3D Snake Eater comes out this week! =) ( I think)

    Great podcast guys, Petrija your voice is awesome =P!

  2. Haha. I finally know how podcast episodes are like. Good one but longer than I thought. Perhaps I might want to participate in one in the future.

    @James: i skimmed through your typical “essay-like” comment but stopped at the ‘SSB Universe speculation’ (because my name is there). Yes, we compiled a fairly comprehensive document of it a while back. You can share it to everyone else if you can find it.

  3. @Kevin this is an average episode length. we do have episodes going into 60-70 minutes on occasion but I don’t think we’ll top that first episode that lasted 2 hours anytime soon! @_@ although we did have 5 people on I think and we covered E3 2010

  4. @ Kevin & @Markus (mostly) Hmm, in regards to Smash Bros. was wondering if I should share that now, go back and expand on that, or create a segment every week either in the near future or after we see some footage of this new game in development. To be honest we’ve really only scratched the surface with that stuff, and I’d like for Nintendo to wait 2-3 years before they release a new Smash Bros. game, mainly so that we can have more characters and time spent creating them and a great fighter with more of the depth found in Melee, with the accessibility of SSB, and the content of Brawl.

    Ya I was in on the first episode, Markus still claims that I didn’t make it longer, I say otherwise. =P Some eps can be less than 30mins but average is about 30-40mins from what I’ve listened into.

    The Segment could be once weekly and contain a few things or every day and have only one or two things (I’d opt for 1-2 times a week or so). Might also be something ghost is interested in?

  5. @Kevin and @James we could do that. lets take this convo into the staff section of the forums so we can plan a bit better without losing the convo to the comments section of a post.

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