March 2012 Yugioh Ban List

The new Yugioh ban list has been planned out and is effective for the next six months. What do you think of Konami’s latest decision?

The ban list this time around is quite brutal. It appears that Konami is “cleaning out” a lot of popular cards. I will discuss the relevant cards that has moved its position:

Cards that are allowed fewer copies of:

Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier – This Synchro monster is too strong and its effect has been abused in far too many decks. This card is banned. Good riddance.

Spore and Glow-Up Bulb – The weak plant Tuner monsters are banned. This is overkill in my opinion because their self-reviving effects are restrained to once per duel anyways.

Reborn Tengu – This is a broken bird to begin with. Now that it is semi-limited, its effectiveness is only slightly reduced.

The Agent of Mystery – Earth – Agents have become way too popular and as such, Konami noticed. It’s strange that they didn’t limit the deck’s ace monster Master Hyperion instead.

Cards that are allowed more copies of:

Marshmallon – It is now Semi-Limited. More stalling monsters for a slower duel. No difference.

Call of the Haunted – It is Unlimited now. No significant effect.

The Unexpected:

T.G. Striker – T.G. types are popular but limiting this key card this pretty much cripples this deck.

Torrential Tribute – This amazing trap card is allowed two copies instead of the usual one. It’s a welcome change.

Monster Reborn, Dark Hole AND Heavy Storm unchanged – They’re still together at Limited in the same format which to me is a mistake on Konami’s part.

Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning – There were many speculations that BLS will go back to being banned but it turns out that’s false. The soldier stays at Limited.

That concludes my view of the latest ban list. Enjoy the last few weeks of Sept. 2011 format. As usual, some decks cripple and some will thrive. Like it or not, this list is staying for the next six months.

(Source: Shriek OCG and Yugioh Wikia. Note this is retrieved from OCG news. It is presumed that TCG will follow OCG rulings 99% of the time but information is still unofficial at this point.)

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    • Kevin Lam on February 20, 2012 at 11:03 AM

    @Markus: Thanks for adding a picture. I have no idea what to put on there.

    I guess it makes sense to ban Spore and Glow-Up Bulb since their “once per duel” restriction means people are going to only add 1 copy to their decks. Still, they’re not that powerful.

    Lightsworns, Chaos (Twilight), and Stall/Burn pretty much benefits from this list while everything else remained the same.

  1. @Kevin No problem! That’s what editors are for right?

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