A Ravnica Warm Up

The latest Magic duel deck is announced. This time it’s guild vs guild!

The Izzet vs Golgari duel deck pits two popular Ravnica guilds against one another. It will be released Sept.7 which is just in time for the Return to Ravnica launch.

Izzet is led by Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind. They are aligned with blue and red specializing in instants/sorcery spells.

Golgari is led by Jarad, the Golgari. Jarad himself did not make an appearance in card form yet but we do have an idea on how he would look like based on his second-in-command.

The reason this set is interesting comes from the Golgari exclusive effect ‘Dredge‘. ‘Dredge’ is an incredibly powerful effect mechanic that plows through your own library and retrieving cards whenever needed. Dredge decks are so strong they rank among the best in Legacy formats.

Stay tuned for more info on this set!

(Source: Wizards.com)

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  1. His second in command reminds me of Medusa, all in all looks like they keep coming up with cool ideas at wizards.

  2. They’re always coming up with good ideas at Wizards. Unlike Konami who either just: recycle their previous ideas, expand them beyond control, or making unoriginal references to old characters (seriously I’ve seen too much Marauding Captain cameos). Kazuki Takahashi should consider joining the design team again. Richard Garfield certainly did with Magic.

    Back on topic, yes I posted this article because I’m hyped if this duel deck reprints dredge cards. This will make dredge decks affordable (and still competitive).

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