No Kid Icarus Uprising Sequel

Kid Icarus fans, if you want seconds, you’re out of luck! It looks like Masahiro Sakurai has shot down the idea of having a sequel for Kid Icarus Uprising. Let’s hope it’s not another 25 years before a new Kid Icarus game comes out cause it would be a shame to not see a bit more from such an awesome franchise. Speaking of dormant franchises, a new Ice Climbers game would be awesome if Nintendo would like to take a hint!

(Source: IGN)

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  1. It doesn’t really matter to me at the moment. Focusing on the next Smash Bros. game is what’s important to all of us right now (crossing fingers for even the slightest teaser of it in E3 this summer).

    And I would like to see a 2D open world adventure Metroid on 3DS sometime. It hasn’t been touched on since Zero Mission (8 years ago).

    1. For now it’s alright they aren’t doing a sequel but it’d be nice if they could do something a few years down the road. It’d be nice if a couple other franchises like f-zero, ice climbers and mother/earthbound could get a reboot like what the Big N has done for Kid Icarus.

      Now let’s see what the Big 3 and third party publishers have in store for us in a few weeks at E3 2012 besides more tidbits on the Wii U!

  2. Retro Studios will be revealing their newest project for E3 this summer. Speculations from many say it will be a new Star Fox game but it could be anything at this point. Also, I really can’t imagine Kid Icarus getting a sequel yet… the story wrapped up nicely and there’s plenty of replay value.

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