[UPDATED] SCE Europe Cuts PS Vita Price Temporarily… Only In France

So the PS Vita will have a temporary price drop in Europe France.  From June 1 to July 15, 2012, SCE Europe will be offering a rebate of €50 to all sales of the PS Vita during that time period to help boost lackluster sales. Now let’s see if SCEA will mirror a similar deal here in North America, especially since sales here hasn’t exactly been stellar as I’ve only seen one PS Vita out in the wild since it’s launch!

(Source: MCV)

[UPDATE] The PS Vita price cut is only available in France and will not be replicated in any other regions! Bummer, cause it would have really helped with sales if it was done in more regions or if the price was cut across the board for everyone.

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  1. Not to worry, I’m pretty sure Sony will announce a price cut for Vita during E3. That and Call of Duty Vita. They must at least do that what with their slow sales. As for price point, dropping to $200 seems appropriate.

  2. I think it could possibly be Sony testing the waters with offering a rebate to PS Vitas sold in France. Guess they didn’t learn from watching Nintendo’s 3DS launch and how quickly they did a price drop across the board to get sales going.

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