Nintendo Direct Pre-E3 Presentation

So if you didn’t watch the Nintendo Direct press conference, I have a brief recap of the most important info that came out during that was presented by Satoru Iwata
  • Wii U Gamepad is the official name of the new controller
  • E3 2012 will mainly focus on the Wii U
  • Thumbsticks instead of slidepads on the Gamepad and will have click control
  • Is adapted for comfort
  • NFC reader/writer on controller to the left of screen of Gamepad
  • TV Control Button turns TV on/off via IR function and is a fully independent IR remote
  • Media/video can be streamed to the gamepad and new gameplay mechanics can be used with the gamepad screen
  • Reuses Wiimote, Nunchuk and Balance Board for input devices
  • Wii U Pro controller announced and looks alot like Xbox 360 controller
  • In-game social networking and mobile apps will be available for smartphones
  • Gamepad can be used as a second screen when the TV is not available
  • Black version of gamepad spotted
  • Mii Wara Wara has crowdsourcing comments games on game icons. Miis are of friends and country or language that play that game. Is a social plaza of sorts
  • Miiverse is where characters can meet in a plaza. Text messaging like functions and doodles can be done
  • Can read messages on Gamepad
  • Stylus confirmed
  • Miiverse can be integrate into games w/ gameplay comments
  • wii gamepad screen as a social window
  • Nintendo Network will be available for 3DS, Wii U and future Nintendo devices

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