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Nintendo Network To Be Killed Off

wiiNintendo will be killing off Nintendo Network; the online service for Nintendo DS and Wii for games like Mario Kart Wii/DS and Pokemon Black & White among other online games. For the full list of games that will be losing online support on May 20, 2014, head over to Nintendo.

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Wii U First Impressions

So the Wii U has been out for a good three days now and I’d thought I’d write a bit of what impressed me and what hasn’t so far. Continue reading

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Japan Nintendo Direct Unboxes Deluxe Wii U

The most recent Nintendo Direct from Japan deals with the unboxing of the Wii U Premium Pack. The Dragon Quest X Beta is available for Japan only sadly. Continue reading

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Nintendo Direct Pre-E3 Presentation

So if you didn’t watch the Nintendo Direct press conference, I have a brief recap of the most important info that came out during that was presented by Satoru Iwata Continue reading

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