Nintendo To Team Up With Namco Bandai To Make Smash Bros

A New Challenger Approaches! Namco Bandai to make new Smash Bros

So it looks like for the first time ever that Super Smash Bros. will bring in new blood from the partnership for the 3DS version with some help from top creators from Namco Bandai. What do you think of this idea of bringing on third party devs to do first party games?

(Source: Gamasutra)

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  1. So we’ll see Soulcalibur, Tales and Tekken characters? There’s also lots of talk about Capcom/Sega involvement as well as Hideo Kojima wanting more characters from his MGS franchise to ssb.

  2. I’m good with it, so long as the characters are well balanced and well represented from all franchises, and that many of the core mechanics remain the same(with enhancements of course-where needed). Then this should mean that not only do we get a new SSB game faster but that it could also be better as a result. Note that Sakurai was caught “sneaking” into Platinum game studios awhile back as well, could this mean Project P-100, Madworld and Bayonetta representation, or perhaps new alliances/team ups for games. Nintendo certainly seems to be getting more Japanese game developer support recently, and more team ups, that have (for the most part) worked quite well. There’s also Project -X (a super crossover on the 3DS that’s currently Japan only). Lets not forget that they also have the studio behind Pandora’s Tower (and The Jump Superstars game) at the ready as well. Hoping they go the Fire Emblem 3DS route and give us new designs and new content (in various forms) and update roster/balancing issues as they occur, Nintendo has the power to do this now in the form of online patches, we’ve seen this with Mario Kart 7, so its worth mentioning for future games as well. Anything else either look to The Project M on ign or perhaps in a future SSB article on the site.
    Basically so long as its not rushed, this game will do well. 2014-2015 release date is fine for me. Anything before late 2013 on the 3DS is too soon, anything before 2014*ish is too soon for the Wii-U. The problem with this isn’t always just adding new things/characters and putting polish on it, its also knowing where to stop/refocus attention to in order to make it better, which takes time.

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