Wii U Arrives In US on Nov 18 and Europe on Nov 30, w versions going for $300 and $350

The Wii U will launch in North America on November 18 and in Europe on November 30. There will be two bundles, a base level bundle with 8GB internal memory for $300 and a premium bundle in black for $350 with 32GB of internal. It will be available on November 8 in Japan. THere has not been any pricing on the Wii U for our European friends so far.

Both come with the console, a WiiPad, a charging stand, a play stand and a console stand. The premium version includes a subscription to Nintendo’s premium network, which offers rewards for digital purchases. The Deluxe version also includes NintendoLand in the bundle. The Wii U Pro controller will cost $50, but the GamePad has not been confirmed for North American retailers just yet. There will also be a special ZombiU Bundle for Europe as well.

(Source: Engadget and The Verge)

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