New iPhone 5 Announcement

Apple finally unveiled the iPhone 5 and it’s one nice device! It is one of the thinnest phones out there at 7.6mm thick with a 4-inch retina display. The screen is reported to have 44% more colour saturation and is in sRGB. And apple says that the touch sensor is built right into the screen too!

Connectivity wise, the iPhone 5 offers LTE, HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA for seriously fast wireless technology. It’s also equipped with the new A6 processor, which has a CPU and GPU that’s twice as fast as it’s predecessor. The battery provices 8 hours of LTE usage and 8 hours of talk over 3G. Wifi battery life sits at 10 hours, music playback is at 40 hours. The camera sits at 8MP and a sapphire crystal lens cover among other features. It’s also 40% faster and has a new pnoramic mode as well!

The iPhone 5 provides full 1080P video, improved stabilization and face detection. It also is capable of doing facetime in 720P over cell networks, if you choose to do so. Sound has improved with a front, back and botton microphones and transducers have been increased to 5 instead of 3.

Apple has confirmed that their phone connector has changed to an all digital 8 signal design called Lightning and they’re working with accessory makers to integrate Lightning into all their new products.

iOS 6 was also introduced, but will be available as of late October and will be available to users that are using iPhone 3GS and newer and also for iPod Touch 4G as well. iTunes 11 will be available as well also later on. Pricing wise, the iPhone 5 starts at $199 and iPhone 4S will be $99 and the iPhone 4 will be free.

(Source: Games Industry)

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