Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses Experience

This past Saturday September 15, I went to the Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses concert at the Sony Center For The Performing Arts in Toronto with Petrija, Alex and Harley from Broken Fuse VG Blog. It was my first experience at a concert featuring music exclusively from a video game.

Upon arrival, outside the concert hall, it was already busy with people wearing Zelda themed shirts and green. There were a select few at the event in full cosplay. StreetPass tags were coming in at a rate that you had to clear them out every 15-30 minutes or the cap of 10 Miis at the Plaza Gate fills super fast. By the end of the night, I had 75 different StreetPass tags.

When we got in, there were lineups for the shirts and posters that they sold, which sold out by the end of the night. The t-shirt & poster combo was $35 ($25 for t-shirt and $15 for poster if sold seperately) is a tad expensive but worth it for me, (which was probably justified by my birthday coming up on the 22nd)

With the music, they started with a prelude that introduced many main musical themes of Zelda into one piece. Afterwards, there was a second introduction piece that eased into the main portion of the concert. The first half of the concert concentrated on Movement One: Ocarina Of Time and Movement Two: Wind Waker, in which Eimear Noone, the conductor pulled out the Wind Baton, which was a nice touch! There were visuals from the game featured during the music. The music was so nostalgic for me and so many of the patrons at the hall. I was very happy with the selection of music, especially because it sent chills up my spine in the good way.

After the intermission, They started off with Movement Three: Twilight Princess and Movement Four: A Link To The Past. The excitement of the crowd never dropped at all that night and as the concert wore on, the audience got even more excited. After the four movements were done, there was a special encore for Link’s Awakening, which is my first and favourite Zelda title of all time, a piece for the ladies: Gerudo Valley and a huge bonus one which none of us expected, but were totally thrilled with, Majora’s Mask Suite!

All in all, it was a good night listening to a great concert for a great franchise. The music is top notch and the musicians were all locals to boot from wherever the Zelda Symphony Tour goes. I’d like to give kudos to the producer, the MC, the conductor and all the musicians that took part in this tour and hope that Nintendo and more video game companies do this for their most beloved franchises for major anniversaries. If given the chance, I’d go again to one of these concerts and perhaps even follow the tour as it travels around North America if I could afford it. If you get the chance it’s highly recommended to go to these events. If you’ve been to any of the Zelda Concerts or will be or any video game themed concerts, we’d like to hear your experience!

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