Japan Nintendo Direct Unboxes Deluxe Wii U

The most recent Nintendo Direct from Japan deals with the unboxing of the Wii U Premium Pack. The Dragon Quest X Beta is available for Japan only sadly.

The Wii U will be using a user account system tailored just for it and up to 12 people can be created for the system. Game settings, game saves, browser bookmarks and play history are all managed by individual user accounts. To use online functions, a Nintendo Network ID will need to be created. So the NNID will be used to replace the Friend Codes of old. Also Nintendo Network will be used to conglomerate software developers’ games and apps and is possible to link up to different hardware from Nintendo. Nintendo plans to have PCs and Phones connected to the Nintendo Network to be able to do purchases from the eShop and explore the Miiverse. There will be a Day 1 update for the Wii U for the Internet Browser, Miiverse and eShop. The Wii will be able to send all its save files and games over to the Wii U through a System Transfer and it will be a full transfer that will not be revertable.

There will be a Video Chat function for the Wii U and will use the camera on the GamePad. One can also do drawings right on the GamePad that will show up on the video feed of both users. Wii U Chat can be used with some phones for the video function which I find an interesting move. The Wii U wil notify you if you are solely using the GamePad by letting the Home button glow.

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