Samsung Galaxy S4 Announced – Canadian Release in Q2

Following the massive success of the S3, Samsung recently announced the S4 which will be its next flagship smartphone (I don’t consider the Note series smartphones). Major upgrades over its predecessor include a faster processor, larger screen, 1080p resolution – higher ppi, better front and back cameras, as well as gorilla glass 3 (touted as unbreakable). For Canadians, the release date for most major carriers will be around the middle of May. No word on price although it will most likely be around the $200 mark on a 3 years contract (~$650-750 off contract).

The Galaxy S4 will ship with the latest Jellybean operating system. It is worth noting that Android 5.0 (Key Lime Pie) is rumoured to also release in May. Hopefully, Samsung and its Canadian carrier partners can provide a fast update to Key Lime Pie. It would suck to buy the latest phone and be stuck running a previous generation operating system for a few months – The S5 is only a 12 months away 😉

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