Streetpass Mii Plaza Update

Streetpass Flower Town

Streetpass Flower Town


3DS owners will be delighted to know that the Streetpass Mii Plaza received an overhaul update on July 5, 2013.

Aside from the cosmetic change, Streetpassers now have alternate ways to make use of their passes with 4 new mini-games.

Mii Force – is a side scrolling shooter much like the NES Gradius. Collect more Streetpasses to power up your ship as you make your way through the stages.

Flower Town – more like Puzzle Swap. Collect, trade and raise flowers with other Streetpassers.

Warrior’s Way – is pretty much a simple version of Civilization. Raise a large army to fight other campaign enemies and Streetpassers.

Monster Manor – a puzzle/mystery/exploration game. Collect Streetpasses to progress through the manor and discover the end point.

Each game will be available as downloadable content for $4.99 each or as a bundle for $15. To access the new Streetpass Plaza, you need a system update on the 3DS, then update the application using Spotpass.


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