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Streetpass Mii Plaza Update

Streetpass Flower Town

Streetpass Flower Town


3DS owners will be delighted to know that the Streetpass Mii Plaza received an overhaul update on July 5, 2013. Continue reading

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Pokédex 3D Receives Last Update

For all you 3DS owners out there, Pokédex 3D has received it’s last English update today. Coballion, Terrakion, Victini, Reshiram and Zekrom now can be downloaded without the need to scan their respective AR Markers that previously were only available through special means. This update also lets players download Pokémon that they have not unlocked yet, like alternate forms and those requiring trades. In Japan, players will be given until October 1st to complete it before the app will be removed from the eShop, presumably to be replaced by Pokédex 3D Pro. And also it should be noted it’s an in-app update unlike most games or apps on the 3DS.

(Source: Bulbapedia)

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New TWEWY Game Headed To iOS

Well all that hinting and secrecy on a new TWEWY game, Square-Enix ruined the surprise on their own!

Continue reading

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3DS Firmware Update Is Now Live!

Their scheduled December 8 update has now gone live ahead of schedule! Continue reading

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Nintendo Delays November 3DS Firmware Update to December










The scheduled November update to the 3DS firmware has been delayed to December 8th. Continue reading

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3DS November Update Details

Finally another system firmware that adds functionality to a device! Continue reading

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League of Legends Kayle Rework!

Every once in a while, LoL will rework champions to keep things interesting. With Kayle, she is getting some new animations, new(er) skins, and ability modifications. Continue reading

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