Zelda Symphony Of The Goddesses: Second Quest Experience

zelda_symphonyJust this past weekend, I went to the Zelda Symphony in Toronto at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts. Like last year, they were selling shirts and posters, but they were of a different design for the second season. As with any major video game franchise concert, there were people cosplaying in the lobby. There was an impressive Fi cosplayer there. At either side of the main hall entrances, there were demo stations for Wind waker HD for Wii U and Link Between Worlds for the 3DS. Unfortunately the lines were too long for me to get in for some playtime.

Once seated, the concert started relatively on time and started with the Main Theme Overture and the full theme of Link’s Awakening, celebrating the game’s 20th anniversary. The first half of the symphony consisted of Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time, which were both beautifully arranged. Some time during this first half Jaron, one of the hosts came out and jokingly thanked the audience for reminding him that his fly was accidentally left open and an audience member yelled out that we wanted to see his Master Sword. The whole theater was in laughter.

In the second half after the intermission, we started off with Gerudo Valley before the second half of the main symphony started up again and it was as memorable as it was last year when I went. Majoras Mask was also featured somewhere in the second half of the concert as well. With the second movement, A Link To The Past and Twilight Princess themes were featured. With the main symphony ending, they did two encores, which were a modified version of Dragon Roost Island from wind Waker and Ballad of the Goddess from Skyward Sword. Dragon Roost Island was a fun and light piece and Ballad of the Goddess was an incredibly beautiful and was definitely one of the highlights of my night at the concert. The audience was definitely thrilled and satisfied with the selection of pieces for Zelda Symphony Second Quest. I do hope that they keep on doing these concerts for a while longer as I and many other fans enjoyed this experience. The Toronto Film Orchestra and the Elmer Iseler Singers did a fantastic job with playing such iconic music from a beloved franchise. And for those who haven’t experienced Zelda Symphony or any video game music concerts, I highly encourage you to go out and check out one that is close to you, as it is well worth your time and money!





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