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Ash Ketchum Cosplay/Halloween Costume



So this year I decided to take my costume to a whole new level and take it back to my childhood as well. I decided to go with Ash Ketchum’s season one costume and just went with it.
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Zelda Symphony Of The Goddesses: Second Quest Experience

zelda_symphonyJust this past weekend, I went to the Zelda Symphony in Toronto at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts.  Continue reading

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Youtube Tuesday: Batman & Spiderman on the TTC

You don’t see this too often, but this made my day 1000x better while duking it out in the heat and humidity of Asia, even though this Spidey is a bit douchey!

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What if Pokemon were all cosplaying girls?

Seems like this was the question in an Poke-artist’s (sure why not call them that), as they transformed all 493 Pokemon into cosplaying girls. Its a little dated as there are no new Pokemon from the Black and White versions on the DS ( this was made in 2008). Nonetheless, perhaps this will inspire a new meaning to the phrase Gotta Catch ’em All.

(via Geekologie and Escapist Magazine)

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