Nintendo Direct – November 12, 2015

Nintendo Direct

This is the first Nintendo Direct since the passing of the late Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata. The first title announced is The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. Originally on Wii and Cube in 2006 and ten years later, it’ll arrive on the Wii U in March 4, 2016. The enhanced visuals look great and will have Wolf Link Amiibo . All Zelda Smash Amiibos will be compatible with this game. Preorders are up now and preorders will include the game soundtrack. Some data in the Wolf Link Amiibo will carry over to Zelda Wii U. Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes will see a new DLC: Den of Trials. It features 30+ stages and you will need to defeat all enemies to pass stage. Two new outfits will be available, Linebeck  costume that lets you see into treasure chests and Fierce Deity Armor; increased strength and shoot four way beams and is available Dec 2.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon releases November 20 and features 20 playable Pokemon and encounter all known Pokemon and is turn based battles. Connection orbs will add new quests and battle with Legendary Pokemon and Super Mystery Dungeon theme is included early on.

Splatoon will receive new stages and weapons. Museum d’Alfonsino features five rotating stages and Mahi Mahi Resort looks like a poolside hotel and second half will see the pool drain. New update is up today at 5PM PT and features new items, including winter items. The Musem map will be available Friday Nov 13 at 6PM PT. Updates are to be continued into next January. You can track you and your friends stats at SplatNet.

Super Mario Maker now has 3.3M available and has a portal site with search function either on mobile or on computer and is slated for December. Mario Tennis Ultra Smash has online and local multiplayer and is compatible with Amiibos. Available November 20. December 4, Xenoblade Chronicles X launches. It’s a gorgeous mix of Western and Japanese RPGs. Nintendo Badge Arcade for 3DS is a free game that lets you play a crane game that lets you win badges to decorate your 3DS home menu. Pokemon Picross is a free to play game with 300 stages. Launches Early December.

Pokken Tournament is arriving in Spring 2016 for Wii U and looks like to be a fun game and a great collaboration between Bandai Namco and Nintendo. Shadow Mewtwo is included in the first run of the game.

Starfox Zero for Wii U features Arwings that transforms into a Walker. The landmaster will also be featured and Gravmaster will be it’s alternate flying form. Gyrowing is a new craft, which looks like a drone for tight spaces and precision maneuvers. The TV shows a third person view and the gamepad shows the cockpit view. This game is available April 22, 2016.

Mario and Luigi team up with Paper Mario in Mario and Luigi Paper Jam. It’ll be available January 22, 2016. Fire Emblem Fates Birthright and Conquest available on eShop and in store. Buy one and the other will be at a reduced price at $20. There will be a third game called Revelation. All three are available in a limited edition pack for $80.

Megaman Legacy Collection goes back to it’s 8-bit roots. It’s a six game collection and there will be a gold Megaman.

Polemon Red, Blue and Yellow will be available on 3DS eShop. Trading will be available through wireless. It’ll be released Feb 27, 2016! DragonQuest 7 and 8 to be released in 2016.

The biggest surprise was at the end of the Nintendo Direct, where Cloud from Final Fantasy VII will be coming to Smash Wii U/3DS.

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