Fossil Sport (Gen 4) Review

I picked up the Fossil Sport Gen 4 smartwatch in the 43 mm size. It has a 43 mm and 41 mm sizes and there’s no difference in battery or screen size. The smartwatch is running on the new Snapdragon 3100 chipset with 4 GB storage and 512 mb RAM. Features include GPS, altimeter, Google Pay, heart rate monitor, step counter and swim proof to 5 ATM/50 meters. It’s advertised for 24 hours battery life and two days on low power mode.

After using it for two months with moderate usage, it works quite well with loading up apps like Google Fit, using as a media control device with Spotify on my phone and tracks workouts well. The center knob on the side acts as a button to activate the apps list or to go to the watch’s home screen and also can be used to scroll down within apps. The other two buttons can be set up as a shortcut to apps that you frequently use. I’ve set it up that Google Fit and Weather apps are activated through those buttons, which is convenient.

With moderate usage, it gets me through a workday and into the evening easily. The strap on the watch is comfy, but since it’s a silicone band, it may get sweaty during workouts or if the weather is humid or warm. With the functions that are available in Google Fit for workouts and fitness, it works well and the GPS takes a bit to lock onto your location. The heart rate monitor is convenient and is accurate enough for general fitness needs. I’ve brought the watch into the shower often and it is waterproof and has had no issues with moisture, though with pretty much any screen on a smart device, it makes it harder to use. So if you do want it to be waterproof for your general needs, this is more than enough.

Looks wise, it’s nice and sleek with an aluminum rim, though the black bezel between the screen and the aluminum feels a bit thick. I would’ve preferred if the screen was expanded more, even if it meant sacrificing some battery life for more screen real estate. The smartwatch itself is nice and light and I don’t notice it much in regards to weight and is quite comfortable. Otherwise, its a good Wear OS smartwatch that has an emphasis on fitness.

Overall it’s a good smartwatch for those geared towards an active lifestyle and want something stylish.

Rating: 8/10

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