Infiland Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Premium Keyboard Case Stand Review

I picked up the Infiland Galaxy Tab 10.1 case for the 2016 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet (SM-T580/585) from Amazon Canada for $31. It comes with a short micro USB cable for charging the detachable Bluetooth cable. It’s designed for the 2016 model of the Galaxy Tab A (SM-T580/585) without the S Pen.

The keyboard keys themselves are good for word processing and surfing the net. It detaches from the case itself easily as it is connected to the case by magnets

and there are rubber pads at the corners facing the tablet screen within the case. The keyboard battery is rated for 80 hours usage and 240 days standby. The battery life on the keyboard should not be anussue as you’ll run out of juice wellbefore the keyboard does. It pairs easily to the tablet and types much like the chiclet type keyboards found in laptops. I also paired a Bluetooth mouse to the tablet so it would function more like a tablet-laptop hybrid and it works well, though you won’t be doing much gaming with this setup as it’s more suited for browsing apps like Reddit and Twitter or for things like writing or filling out spreadsheets.

The case itself is sturdy and has all the cutouts for the ports, speakers and buttons on the tablet. putting the tablet into the case is easy and it will not fall out. There is a rubbercoth band that helps to keep the case closed when carrying it around. with heavy usage, this band may be one of the first things to break on the case. The synthetic leather that is found on the outside of the case feels like hard plastic fabric but feels fine and is solid. The angled kickstand works well enough, though there isn’t as much fine-tuning of what angle you can put it at.

Overall, it’s a good case to get if you own the 2016 version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 and you’re thinking of using it as a laptop replacement and will be using it primarily for browsing online or on apps , or if you’re looking to use it as a word processing station.

Rating 7.5/10

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