Review: Newmen GM610 Wireless BT Mechanical Keyboard

I recently bought a Newmen GM610 Wireless Bluetooth keyboard for $55 as I need to switch between several computers at work and real estate on my desk is limited.

It’s not a full sized board as there is no number pad and many other functional keys like F1-F12 and other Fn keys are doubled up onto other keys and is advertised as a 60% size board. It has a 1600 mAh built in battery and dimensions are roughly 28×10.2×2.5 cm and weighs 820g, so if you need a small keyboard, this fits the bill. Included in the packaging is a keyboard itself, an extra set of keycaps, 4 spare switches, a keycap/switch puller and a 1.5m USB A to USB C cable.

Functionality wise, you can connect up to three bluetooth devices like a computer or phone and switch easily between them and can also use it as a regular USB keyboard if you want by connecting it through the USB C port. The keys are clicky and responsive, and feel satisfying to use. There is no delay in response as your keystrokes go to the computer seamlessly with no delay, both when wired or through bluetooth. The keyboard itself is backlit and the backlit colours can be changed and can cycle through different chroma effects if one desires, which is a nice touch. Spacing and size of the keys is mostly well thought out as it is easy to type on this keyboard. I only have minor issues with the keyboard is the lack of multimedia controls right out of the box and needing to use the Fn button to use the direction keys. With the firmware update that you can get from the OEM website, you can access those multimedia controls as a Fn key and hotswap the direction keys on the go.

As a whole, this is a great cheap wireless keyboard that has some minor flaws due to it’s 60% layout size, but otherwise does very well for it’s price point. If you’re looking for a decent, cheap bluetooth mechanical keyboard that can be used as a wired one in a pinch, this is one that we can recommend.

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