Doss Soundbox Pro Wireless Speaker Review

I recently picked up the Doss Soundbox Pro bluetooth speaker for $57 CAD on Prime Day, compared to it’s regular $72 price tag.

The speakers have 2x 10W drivers, 2200 mAH battery, IPx5 water rating for low pressure jets of water, LED colour strip around the front grill. The build quality is good as the shell is made of matte plastic and the speaker grille is metal. There are no creaks or weird flexing noises. Control buttons for play/pause, volume, modes, power and extra bass are on the top of the speakers. There are ports in the back for 3.5mm audio, microSD, microUSB charging and a reset button and is protected by a rubber cover. Dimensions are 7.7″x2.9″x3″. Included in the box is the speakers, a manual, microUSB cable and 3.5mm audio cable.

Audio quality is good for the price point as it fills up a room quite nicely. Audio is clear and crisp, bass can be boosted by the extra bass button. Holding the mode button changes the lights profile on the speaker. This does support stereo speakers, so if you have two units, you can simultaneously cast your music to amplify the experience. I was not able to test out this feature as I only ordered one. The speakers have a good weight and build quality to it and does not feel cheap or poorly made. The battery life is rated for ~20 hours with the lights and extra bass turned off. I’ve left those two on and played music at a good volume for a good couple hours and no issues with the battery life.

Overall, it’s a solid portable speaker capable of taking voice calls, good audio quality that won’t break the bank like with some of the more premium brands like Bose. We would recommend these speakers, especially if you go out to the pool or beach for the water resistance, good audio quality and volume, and for it’s portability.

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