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Nintendo TVii Goes Live Today


Well it’s finally arriving today! Nintendo TVii will be arriving today. You’ll be able to link up your cable/sattelite details and have customized user settings with each Nintendo Network ID. Everything except Netflix and DVR integration are available now. Those features will be available in 2013.

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Nintendo TVii Available In Japan At Launch

The Big N has revealed that the  TVii will be available for Japan the same day that it’s released there on December 8. Nintendo TVii will also be available for some European regions in 2013. The application will be available to users in December. There hasn’t been a firm date for North America for this service. The Japanese TV guide data is from Rovi’s C-Guide service and will be available to use anytime, even during a game or TV show. This feature will cost Japanese Wii U owners ¥100, but will be free for North American users.

(Source: NintendoLife)

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Nintendo TVii Announced

Nintendo TVii is a service for the Wii U that will have personalized programming to watch live TV and streaming video to the Wii U. TVii will offer the ability to create multiple profiles. The service will be available on November 18.

(Source: The Verge)

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