3DS to have 3-8 hours of playtime

It looks like the new device that’s coming out from Nintendo later this year will have a 3-8 hour battery life which means that you will need to have an external source of power pretty close by to keep those juices flowing in the 3DS.

I was hoping for something along the lines of 7-12 hours of battery life on this device but one can only hope that the 3DS Lite or whatever upgraded tweak that they come out with a year or so after the original 3DS comes out. Guess I’ll be picking up that car charger and bringing that wall charger where ever my handheld gaming will bring me so I can squeeze my money’s worth out of the 3DS before a Lite or SP version comes out a year or so after this kickass device comes out.

(via Kotaku)

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  1. If an updated version of this will have 7-12 of battery life, I would rather wait for it instead

  2. I’m not too eager to wait over a year for the 3ds lite. will trade it for the lite version when it comes out though

  3. Holding a 3-8 hour battery life is a very large range. If it is actually around 3 hours (like most laptops these days), I would probably hold off as well. Hopefully, aftermarket batteries will be available like with the DS currently.

  4. I think it has a 3-5 hour range with a 3DS game with 3D on high. Technically you are running 3 screens at once while playing those games. With original DS games you’ll have the higher end of the battery life.

  5. Well we shall wait and see how it plays out in the real world, that and now I guess its one less thing for fanboys of both camps(Sony and Nintendo… for the moment) to argue over. Although hopefully this is a super conservative estimate on Nintendo’s part, even though I usually charge any device that I plan to use in a day while I’m asleep so its ready to go when I want to play it.

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