Watson on Jeopardy

IBM has created a supercomputer specifically designed for Jeopardy.

It has been loaded with various encyclopedias, all of wikipedia, newspapers from around the world, and even the bible. It has close to 3000 cpus and has the equivalent processing power of 6000 gaming computers. What all of this adds up to is a Watson that is able to understand nuances in language and able to learn from mistakes as well as other people’s answers. By the way, Watson has been loaded with all previous Jeopardy questions to better understand the format of the game (no question is every repeated on Jeopardy). Watson is not hooked to the internet so it solely relies on its stored information for answers.

Never thought Jeopardy would be interesting again after the Ken Jennings marathon but this one might boost ratings once again.

Check out the video here.

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