Dell XPS Sandy Bridge

After a brief hiccup with motherboard issues, the Sandy Bridge revolution has begun. Apple just released their new line a few days ago and earlier this week, Dell released the new line of XPS notebooks with SB as well as 3D capabilities. The prices start at $899 and are an absolute bargain. The XPS is Dell’s premium line of notebooks and desktops all made with high quality finishes and supposedly an awesome sound system. There is also facial recognition for those who fancy using their faces to sign in.

In addition, Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo, and Sony have all released statements about their new lines of notebooks with SB technology. It will certainly be an interesting couple of months as these makers will likely be testing new builds to see how the market will react to new technology as well as newer and probably lower price levels.

As for a comparison against Apple’s new Macbook, I would still side with an XPS or other as the price is just too good. If you need to get away from Windows or just really like “Apple Juice”, the Mac Mini is available for $699. You could buy an XPS and a Mac Mini and still come under the price of an equivalent Macbook. Yes, I am trying to convince our editor in chief (Markus) to opt out of Macbooks. Gamers don’t buy Macs! =P

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  1. I still need that update to my old mac osx 10.4.11 and this is a prime opportunity for me. Plus its an upgrade I’ve been putting off for too long. Its a good time for a hardware upgrade

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